If you like wildlife...

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Pantanal Fishing

Fishing in Pantanal is a dream of all lovers of this recreation. Even if you are already accustomed to fishing ...

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Pantanal Safari

Go on a safari in Pantanal and observe and photo birds and wildlife in their natural habitat. Many species encountered ...

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Pantanal Safari Parkway

This 120km parkway is a grand safari on dirt roads and small bridges and stops for observing and photographing the ...

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Pantanal Fishing on a Boat Hotel

For those seeking the complete fishing experience combined with comfort, luxury fishing boat hotels offer trips for about one week ...

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Pantanal Iate Barão de Melgaço

Exclusive fishing tourism on the river Rio Paraguai taking groups between 15 to 26 people on a 6 day trip ...

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Pantanal Araras Eco Lodge

Built in perfect harmony with the environment, the hotel offers many activities for the guests such as bird watching, hiking, ...

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Pantanal is the largest marshland in the world, considered a world natural heritage by UNESCO. Located in the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, Pantanal is known for its diverse flora and fauna that attract tourists seeking an exotic landscape and diverse activities such as fishing, safari, hiking and boating.


Pantanal has a tropical climate, in the summer it is hot with temperatures of around 32°C and the winters are dry with average temperature of 21°C. The rainy season is well defined in the months of December to February. “Tereré”, an herb tea served ice cold in a bowl, is the typical drink from the region.