Note: expiration date...

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Manaus City Tour

Even though Manaus city is not the main tourist attraction in the region Manaus has many interesting sites to be ...

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Amazon River Cruise

To explore the rainforest does not have to mean lack of comfort. Some cruise ships offer trips into the Amazon ...

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Amazon Sport Fishing

For fishing fans, a great program is the sport fishing with motor boat in Rio Amazonas. The main attraction, of ...

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Amazon Night Expeditions

Go on a night tour to explore the aligators. The guide hunts and catches one aligator and takes it into ...

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Lord Manaus Hotel

A 3 star hotel located in the center of Manaus. The hotel has 100 rooms, all with air conditioning, minibar ...

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Manaus Tajmahal

Hotel with 4 star standard located in the center of Manaus with 170 rooms all with air conditioning, cable TV, ...

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Manaus Tropical Eco Resort

A 5 star ecological resort on the Rio Negro river bank, located 16km from Manaus. The hotel has a pier ...

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Manaus Iberostar

This luxurious boat-hotel takes an emotional cruise on the Rio Negro, Solimões and Amazonas rivers, always with excellent comfort and ...

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Experience it while its still there... In the current pace half of the amazonas rain forest will be gone by 2030.


Your visit to support eco friendly businesses can help to extend this expiration date.